Women today encounter a lot of issues and health problems that involve the imbalance of hormones. Internal and external factors play key roles in this problem. These issues may be caused by genetic or environmental factors. Whichever of the two it is, it boils down to an imbalance of a woman’s hormone production. Toxins which may throw off a woman’s estrogen or progesterone levels can also be one of the primary causes of her hormone imbalance.

Tongkat Ali, scientifically called Eurycoma longifolia, has long been used by people in order to boost their health. This herb may however still be foreign to some regions of the world but is now gaining more and more attention as multiple benefits are being offered by this herb. Let us take a look at some Tongkat Ali benefits:

Say Goodbye to Undesired Weight Gain

As chemical messengers of the body, hormones are in charge of a huge amount of the body’s metabolism. An imbalance of hormones would eventually mean that your metabolism is not working at a rate that it should normally do. And when aging comes into the picture, weight gain can be inevitable. However, by the use of Tongkat Ali, this does not have to happen. Usually, weight gain is due to toxins which we get in contact with through the environment and the food we ingest. Through the use of Tongkat Ali, the chances of gaining weight may be reduced by being able to stabilize your levels of hormones which are applicable to both genders.

Boost Up Your Energy

In cases where the body is unable to produce adequate amounts of needed hormones or is producing hormones but not at healthy levels, the amount of energy being produced may also be affected. In relation to stabilizing metabolic levels in the body, the production of energy is also maintained at a balanced rate. This means that activities such as exercise can be dealt with as endurance is also increased.

If the body fails to produce the needed hormones for metabolism, then metabolism would of course fail to occur effectively. Lowered rates of metabolism could mean that the production of energy would also be lowered since the process to produce it is failing. On the other hand, if the body is successful in producing the needed hormones but these hormones seem to be at imbalanced levels, the effects are still undesirable.

For women especially, hormone imbalances could cause a number of unwanted situations. Testosterone, progesterone and estrogen as well as the other body hormones should all be in perfect balance attaining the said “homeostasis” or the state where the internal environment of the body is at balance with the external environment. All these can be attained by the assistance of diet, exercise and the consumption of Tongkat Ali.

Supporting Natural Libido

Whatever your gender is, people fail to be aware that testosterone is always present. It is just that there are higher amounts being secreted by men rather than in women. However, testosterone is present in both genders. A boost in testosterone levels can assist in maintaining sexual drive. Folklore also suggests that one of the Tongkat Ali benefitsis that it can increase sensitivity of women in their erogenous zones which makes libido increase even more. Research shows that libido can be increased in male rats. Studies suggest that this can also be the case for female humans.

Strengthen Your Bones

One disease that is known for bone weakening is Osteoporosis. The risks of having this disease are increased if you have low levels of testosterone. This disease causes bones to get weak and fragile at a quicker rate than is normally considered during aging. Bone health often depends on vitamin D, calcium and magnesium as key elements to maintaining skeletal health. However, Tongkat Ali is one key element that helps maintain overall body health. Since Tongkat Ali aids in maintaining normal hormone balance, its secondary effects include provision of support to the skeletal system.

Supports Normal Sugar Levels in the Blood

Type II diabetes strikes fear in everyone because having the disease may cause a lifetime of maintenance and strict monitoring. Research has confirmed that this is one of the Tongkat Ali benefits. It is one herb that can stabilize metabolism, therefore, can help in maintaining normal blood sugar levels. Along with proper dietary regimens and regular exercise, diabetes can effectively be avoided. Also reducing consumption of refined carbohydrates should be observed by the individual who might have diabetes.