Ginseng is one of the most widely used herbal medicines on earth, and it’s been used in Asia and North American for centuries. Native Americans used the root as a stimulant and headache remedy, and also a answer to infertility, fever and indigestion; nowadays, approximately 6 million Americans make use of the proven ginseng benefits regularly.

Enhances Mood and Lowers Anxiety

A study done at the Brain Performance and Nutrition Research Centre in the United Kingdom included 30 volunteers who were given three rounds of treatments of ginseng and placebo. The study was done to gather data about ginseng’s ability to improve mood and psychological function. The results found that 200 milligrams of ginseng for eight days slowed the drop in mood, but also slowed the participants’ response to mental mathematics. The 400 milligram dose enhanced calmness and improved mental arithmetic for the duration of the eight-day procedure.

Boosts Brain Function

Ginseng stimulates brain cells and increases focus and cognitive activities. Evidence demonstrates taking Panax ginseng root daily for 12 weeks can improve mental overall performance in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. One study done at the Department of Neurology at the Clinical Research Institute in South Korea looked into the effectiveness of ginseng on the cognitive performance of patients with Alzheimer’s disease. After ginseng treatment, the participants showed developments, and this upscale trend carried on for three months. Right after discontinuing ginseng treatment, the improvements decreased to the levels of the control group.

This suggest ginseng succeeds as an Alzheimer’s natural treatment. Although more research on this matter is needed, one initial study found that combining American ginseng and ginkgo biloba helps naturally cure ADHD.

Helps with Weight Loss

Another surprising ginseng benefit is its capacity to function as a natural appetite suppressant. It also increases your metabolism and helps your body reduce fat faster. A study done at the Tang Center for Herbal Medicine Research in Chicago tested the anti-diabetic and anti-obesity results of Panax ginseng berry in adult rats; the rodents were injected with 150 milligrams of ginseng berry extract per kilogram of weight for 12 days. By day five, the mice taking the ginseng extract had considerably lower fasting blood sugar levels. After day 12, the glucose threshold in the rodents increased and overall blood glucose levels decreased by 53 percent. The treated rats demonstrated weight loss, too, beginning at 51 grams and concluding the procedure at 45 grams.

An equivalent study done in 2009 discovered that Panax ginseng plays a huge role in the anti-obesity impact in mice, that means the clinical significance of enhancing the treatments for obesity and related metabolic syndromes with ginseng.

Treats Erectile dysfunction

Taking powdered Korean red ginseng seems to improve sexual arousal and treat erectile dysfunction. A 2008 methodical evaluation included 28 randomized clinical studies that assessed the effectiveness of red ginseng for treating erection dysfunction; the review supplied suggestive evidence for the utilization of red ginseng, but experts believe that more extensive studies are necessary in order to draw definitive findings.

Enhances Lung Function

Ginseng treatment has considerably reduced lung bacteria, and studies involving rodents show that ginseng can prevent the development of cystic fibrosis, a common lung infection. In one 1997 study, mice were given ginseng injections and after two weeks the treated group exhibited a significantly improved bacterial clearance in the lungs.

Study also demonstrates another ginseng advantage is its capacity to cure a lung disease referred to as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which is characterized as chronically poor airflow that generally worsens over time. Based on the study, taking Panax ginseng orally seems to improve lung function and some symptoms of COPD.

Enhances Immune System

A different well-researched ginseng benefit is its ability to enhance the immune system – helping the body fight off infection and disease. The roots, stems and leaves of ginseng are already useful for maintaining immune homeostasis and enhancing resistance to illness or infection.

Several scientific studies have established that American ginseng enhances the performance of cells that play a role in immunity. Ginseng controls each kind of immune cell, including macrophages, natural killer cells, dendritic cells, T cells and B cells.

Ginseng extracts produce antimicrobial substances that work as a defense mechanism against microbial and viral infections. Research has shown that ginseng’s polyacetylene compounds work well against microbial infection.