Men across the world may come to issues that can cause a lot of distress between them and their partners. Fortunately, we are at a day and age where these problems can be tended to by various remedies and treatments. Some men opt for treatments that are surgical in nature and some prefer herbal therapies or treatments that are less risky than going under the knife.

When thinking of remedies for male enhancement, it is important to keep in mind that the most important system to take care of is the cardiovascular system. This is because our blood is what circulates to all the parts of the body therefore keeping our blood pressure and heart rate at proper levels is very vital in any form of enhancement. Make sure that these things are at top shape and everything will go smoothly. Here are some additional natural remedies to keep in mind when going for male enhancement.


This is a tree that grows in many parts of Cameroon and Gabon in West Africa. The specific part of this tree that gives this plant its famous effects in male enhancement is its bark. It is also effective in treating problems associated with male fertility. Chemicals are contained in the bark of this tree that has been studied to have effects to the cardiovascular system as well as the nervous system. These chemicals were found to affect parts of the brain which increases the flow of blood toward the penile tissue as well as increase the conduction of nerve impulses to the genitalia.


This is herb can be found to be indigenous to the regions in Central America. Historically, it was known to the Mayans as an effective aphrodisiac. From those old ages to the present day, it is still used by many as a natural remedy for male enhancement because of its capabilities to raise blood flow toward the penile tissues. Similar to Yohimbe, nerve impulses are also increased as they are directed toward the genitalia.

Saw Palmetto

Native Americans have often used Saw Palmetto which belongs to the family of Palms. This plant was used to treat many problems especially those that are male related. The berry of the Saw Palmetto plant contains components that aid in treating problems associated with erectile dysfunction. Many studies were made concerning this and they have indeed proven that subjects who have taken saw palmetto extracts have lower risks of acquiring erectile dysfunction as opposed to those who have not taken the said extract supplements.

Ginko Biloba

In relation to health conditions, the Chinese were famous for using the Ginko Biloba extract to be able to overcome these problems. Targeting the circulatory and nervous system, the leaves of the Ginko Biloba plant contains nutrients that help in boosting these systems. Its effects include the vasodilation of blood vessels in the penis. This means that the blood vessels in the male genitalia begin to become larger, allowing more blood to pass through. The penile tissues may then have more supply of blood through this action of the blood vessels. It also promotes sexual arousal by having effects on sensitivity through the nervous system.

Goat Weed

This is herb is mostly found on Asian regions such as China. Used for as long as two thousand years, this herb has maintained its reputation of being an efficient male enhancement remedy. The leaves of the plant have been studied and were seen to contain alkaloids and bioflavonoids which have been seen to affect the sex drive of patients being given the said herb.

Hawthorne Berries

As a plant that contains much bioflavonoids and antioxidants, this herb has been used to treat various cardiovascular problems for centuries. Hawthorne berries are used as male enhancement to provide longer lasting erections because of their effect to the vasculature of the penile tissue. Blood flow is increased by the tendency of the herb to increase the diameter of the blood vessels that are directed toward the penis. By this method, more blood is able to be directed there and therefore, improve circulatory benefits.