Maca has been popular for many years now and so, it is not new for people all around the world. For centuries, maca has been known for many characteristics that can help boost energy levels as well as promote proper hormone health. It is also said that many years ago, in a tribe in Peru known as the Inca Tribe, maca has been given to their warriors before going on to war with their opposing tribes. Legend says that in every city that the Inca tribe has conquered, the women had to be carefully protected from the warriors as they had high levels of libido due to their maca powder intake.

Peruvian Ginseng is another name given to Maca. Lepidium meyenii is its scientific name and is indigenous to the country of Peru. Traditionally, its preparations by the Peruvians are limited to boiling or eating the plant raw. Maca is also considered as one of their staple foods as it is abundant in various parts of the country. It is considered as a super food as it contains a number of nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and as well as fatty acids. These minerals include potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc. Lipids, 20 vital fatty acids, fiber, 6 sterols, proteins, good carbohydrates and amino acids are also among its contents.

Maca Powder has been reported to have significant effects on hormone production. It is often used in medicine for promoting proper hormone balance in a natural and more herbal way. Among its therapeutic uses, hypothyroidism has been reported to be treated well by this herb due to its endocrine and hormonal effects. Let us take a look at some more of its effects to hormone health.

Maca Helps Monitor And Regulate Hormone Balance

Sometimes, our body produces too much or too less of a hormone. In these instances, the body fails to recognize that hormone levels in the blood are not at their proper degrees. What happens if this is permitted to happen long term? Well, there are multiple risks in having hormone imbalances. Hypothyroidism is one condition to look out for as well as fatigue, infertility and many more.

Improve Over All Wellness And Energy Production

In some cases, our body may have minor technicalities when it comes to metabolism and making energy in general. Think of maca as a refresh button in a computer. In can enable the body to reset its hormone levels for it to go back to normal. Through this, production of energy is improved and this energy is supplied to the parts of the body needing it via the circulatory system.

Reduces Stress

When the body is in stressful situations such as in emergency cases, along with adrenaline, a hormone called Cortisol is also released. In these short term situations, the release of cortisol may be very useful; however, when exposed to a long term amount of stress, this hormone may have negative effects on the body. These negative effects may include adrenal fatigue which happens when the adrenal glands get tired of producing adrenaline because the time span in which the release is happening is taking too long. Through the use of maca powder, the release of cortisol is reduced and as well as the release of adrenaline. Hence, the adrenal glands can rest from releasing too much adrenaline and be ready for the next release if there ever comes a time for it to be necessary again.

Relief From Menopausal Symptoms

During menopause, a great amount of female hormones are produced which cause many of its signs and symptoms such as intense menstrual cramps and hot flashes. Intake of maca powder can reduce all these by balancing out the hormones. This means that if there is an overproduction of a certain hormone such as estrogen or progesterone. It can balance these out by helping the body produce its counterpart hormone which is testosterone. All these are aimed to regulate the hormone levels in the blood to safer and healthier levels. This means that this herb is not only beneficial to males but to females as well.